Amy Puryear leads the way with her vocals and acoustic guitar, alongside Ward Puryear on electric guitar laying down the grooves as well as the sweetest of solos.  Jason Shegogue joins in with electric guitar and lap steel, bringing the rockin’ to the rollin’, and playing his heart out on every song.  Scott Nelson holds down the bass, cool and steady, deep and groovin’.  And last but certainly not least, Chris Ploss rocks it on the drums and adds the finishing touches with harmony vocals.


ALL THESE THINGS (2nd full length studio record) release date: Summer 2019
Our new record, All These Things, will be released in June & July of 2019.  We have been working on this record since January 2018, and are thrilled to be able to now share it with our friends, family, community and fans.

Who’s who on “All These Things”:
Amy Puryear: vocals, acoustic guitar
Ward Puryear: electric & acoustic guitar
Jason Shegogue: electric & acoustic guitar, lapsteel
Scott Nelson: bass
Chris Ploss: drums
Additional Musicians:
Willoughby Puryear: chorus (track 2)
Nolan Scholes: chorus (track 2)
Michael Stark: organ (tracks 1, 3, 6, 9)
Travis Knapp: piano (tracks 4, 10)
Jeb Puryear: triangle (track 9)
Dana Billings: tambourine (track 6)

Recorded at Sunwood Recording, Trumansburg, NY
Produced by Laila Belle w/ Dana Billings
Engineered & Mixed by Dana Billings
Mastered by Daniel Bacigalupi at Infrasonic Mastering, Nashville, TN
Cover Photo by Tahila Mintz
Graphics by Pat Burke & Tahila Mintz
Band photo by Lori Burke
c. 2019 / BMI

DEBUT RECORD released Summer of 2015
Laila Belle is thrilled to have released our debut, self titled record.  After many years of working towards a record of this quality, we couldn’t be happier with the results.  Recorded in Nashville, TN and produced by Bill Reynolds, the true sound of our music shines thru on every track.

Who’s who on our debut record:
Amy Puryear: vocals, acoustic guitar
Ward Puryear: electric guitar, acoustic guitar
Jason Shegogue: electric guitar, lap steel
Bill Reynolds: bass
Dana Billings: drums
Maddy Walsh (background vocals on tracks 1 & 4)
Mike Stark (keyboard on track 7)

Recorded in Nashville, TN at the Fleetwood Shack.
Produced and Mixed by Bill Reynolds
Engineered by Logan Matheny
Additional Recording at Electric Wilburland, NY
Additional Engineering by Dana Billings
Mastered at Golden Mastering in Ventura, CA
Cover photo: Lael Gerhart
Graphic Design: Brian Dudla
Additional Design: Pat Burke

All songs written by Amy & Ward Puryear